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Traditional Irish tenors are known for a pure, crystal-clear resonance, an instantly recognizable inflection most clearly felt as an Irish note bounces off the walls of a church. Music provided by My Irish Wedding Music, through Paddy Homan, an  award-winning traditional Irish tenor, is an excellent way to honor Irish tradition and heritage at your wedding.

The voice. Oh the voice. Clear as a bell, and gift from Heaven…… In a world of lunacy and junk, there is this voice. And it sings to every one of us, reminding us all of what could be and should be.
— American Public Radio
I love planning all the details with couples, from planning their special ceremony music to planning the cocktail hour. Nothing gives me greater pride than to hear from couples how the music made the wedding.The icing on the cake is always delivering the very best performance to add to their special occasion.
— Paddy Homan


Paddy looks forward to creating a customized musical experience with you, and thanks you for considering his music to enhance your wedding day.

Download a brochure of Paddy's songs suitable for printing.




Paddy carries on the Irish tradition of storytelling through song. His songs bear a sense of eternity and haunting spirituality, bringing a beautiful atmosphere to wedding ceremonies.

Below is a popular selection of songs which can be sung as a prelude to the ceremony, as well as pieces such as the Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus during the ceremony itself. Certain churches also have a pre-selected list of songs so please check with your church to see if this is the case.

In addition to Paddy’s vocals, popular instrument choices include: organ/piano; fiddle; Irish harp; flute; Uilleann pipes (Irish pipes); and Irish guitar.

Download a sample full Irish ceremony layout, including song selections for each element of the Mass.

Celtic Alleluia‭ ‬
Ave Verum Corpus‭ ‬
Lord of all Hopefulness‭ ‬
Lady of Knock
Ave Maria‭ ‬
Panis Angelicus‭ ‬
How Great thou Art
The Voyage
When I’m 64‭ ‬
Fields of Gold‭ ‬

My Love is‭ ‬like a Red Red Rose‭ ‬
Tabhair Dom Do Laimh
What a Wonderful World
She Moved Through The Fair‭ ‬
Danny Boy‭ ‬
When Irish Eyes are Smiling
Boolavogue‭ ‬
Beautiful Dreamer‭ ‬
The Rainbow Connection




So much of Ireland’s history was not written in books. Instead its stories were memorized and told through song in Gaelic - Irish identity is woven into the very language. Singing the Irish Mass holds special meaning for Paddy. The Mass is the most emblematic symbol of Irish identity and offers a way to connect your faith and heritage.

Selections such as the beautiful Ag Críost an Síol and ar nAthair (the Lord’s Prayer sung in Gaelic) are included below.

Download a sample full Irish Mass ceremony layout, including song selections for each element of the Mass.

Ag Críost an Síol‭ ‬
Ave Maria‭ ‬
Agnus Dei‭ ‬
Deus Meus‭ ‬
Panis Angelicus‭ ‬
The Bells of the Angelus Se An Tiarna M’aoire‭ ‬
Róisín Dubh
Mná na hÉireann
The Rocks of Bawn
The Boys of Barr Na Sraide

Irish Wedding Song
Buachaill ón Éirne
Red is the Rose‭ ‬
Raglan Road‭ ‬
The Galway Shawl
Ar Bhruach Na Carraige Báine
Do Bhí Bean Uasal
Ar Éireann Ní Neosainn Cé Hí‭ ‬
Sliabh Na Mban
The Palatine’s Daughter‭ ‬
O’‭‬Carolan’s Concerto




Irish culture is known for a warm welcome and of course a bit of craic as well. As guests mingle during a cocktail hour, or families come together during a rehearsal dinner, Paddy can entertain with Irish classics or modern favorites.  

The desired flow of songs can be decided during a pre-consultation with the couple. Common instrument choices for a three- to four piece cocktail hour, depending on your budget, include: fiddle, guitar, accordion, vocal & bodhran, piano, Irish flute, uilleann pipes, and Irish harp.

Suggested favorites are listed below. Download a more comprehensive list of songs for the Cocktail Hour. Paddy’s repertoire is extensive, and this is still just a sampling.  If you’d like a particular favorite song, just ask.

Raglan Road
In the City of Chicago
Danny Boy
She Moved Through the Fair
Fly Me to the Moon
My Way‭ ‬
Marie’s Wedding‭ ‬
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
The Rainbow Connection

Fields of Gold‭ ‬
When I’m 64‭ ‬
Galway Girl
Wagon Wheel‭ ‬
Patsy Fagan
Those Were the Days
Lark in the Morning‭ ‬
Lowlands of Holland
Red is the Rose
Mary Mac‭ ‬
Wild Colonial Boy‭ ‬
Foggy Dew‭